Marketing Specialist (based in St. Louis, MO)

About Us:

Preplingo is an educational technology company that provides online Chinese program for schools and families worldwide. Our mission is to provide students with a window to the world through Chinese language instruction. As the most common world language, Chinese is ever-growing in relevancy but yet many students do not have access to quality Mandarin Chinese language instruction. It is our mission to see that students that are curious about the world can fuel this passion in a cost-effective and innovative way while having fun.


Work Arrangement and Location:

This is a part-time, work-from-home position due to covid. But candidates have to be based in St. Louis, MO, USA, where our US headquarters is.



  1. 进行素材、视频和图文编辑,执行品宣
    1. 熟悉微信公众号运营和管理,熟悉微信图文设计制作发布等流程
    2. 有一定的短视频制作经历或能力,熟悉视频剪辑制作软件和流程
  2. 市场活动运营
    1. 熟悉基于微信、Facebook等社交平台的在线市场活动运用等流程
    2. Be creative. 有创造力的根据运营需求和目标,设计相应的市场活动
  3. 掌握基本PS改图或简单的海报设计、制图能力(常用工具如Canva或其他)
  4. 具有基本社交媒体文案配图经验,熟悉社交媒体Facebook,Instagram和YouTube的操作流程
  5. 具有团队协作精神,认真负责,勤于主动沟通,有较强的的接受能力
  6. 每周工作不低于20小时


  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field (business or education), or related experience required;
  2. Experience with working both independently and in a team;
  3. Clear Chinese and English written and oral communication skills; be able to communicate professionally, positively, and respectfully and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, teachers, and staff.

This is a paid part-time position with future possibility leading to a full-time job. We support OPT applications. We are a young team which encourages creativity, and a fun and supportive working environment. You will be working with like-mined peers who enjoy what we do everyday!

Interested candidates please send your cover letter and resume to the founder and CEO, Edd at Or add Edd on WeChat (ID: eddzhou)

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