Preplingo Marketing Assistant Internship

About Us:

Preplingo is an educational technology company that provides all-in-one online lecturing system for teaching and learning Chinese. Our service helps US schools and families start new, or expand their existing Chinese programs.


1. 高效的素材编辑能力

a) 熟悉微信公众号运营和管理,热爱中文写作

b) 有一定的短视频制作经历或能力,熟悉视频剪辑制作软件和流程

2. 具有基本PS改图或简单的海报设计、制图能力,或会使用常用工具如Canva

3. 具有创新精神,善于思考,总结经验,与团队共同进步

4. 具有协作精神,认真负责,勤于沟通

5. 每周可以至少工作20小时,40小时更佳


1. Bachelor’s degree in related field (business or education), or related experience required;

2. Experience with working both independently and in a team;

3. Clear Chinese and English written and oral communication skills; be able to communicate professionally, positively, and respectfully and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, teachers, and staff.

This internship is possibility leading to a full-time paid job. It can be conducted remotely from home. We support OPT applications.

Interested candidates please send your cover letter and resume to

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