Marketing Specialist (based in St. Louis, MO)

About Us: Preplingo is an educational technology company that provides online Chinese program for schools and families worldwide. Our mission is to provide students with a window to the world through Chinese language instruction. As the most common world language, Chinese is ever-growing in relevancy but yet many students do not have access to quality Mandarin Chinese languageContinue reading “Marketing Specialist (based in St. Louis, MO)”

USA Market Researcher and Specialist (Tianjin, China)

Overview: USA Market Researcher and Specialist (美国市场推广及研究专员) is a full time position directly led by our US Managing Director. Job Responsibility: Through public information, conduct researches and find our potential K-12 schools that might be a good fit for our product and services. Perform researching tasks using different tools such as Google, and school associationsContinue reading “USA Market Researcher and Specialist (Tianjin, China)”

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