Preplingo showcased at EdHubSTL

August 22nd, Preplingo (formerly NiHao Chinese) was invited to present at the NXT@STL event sponsored by EdHubSTL at the Cortex Innovation Community. The evening’s theme was “The Urgency of Equitable Education: A Call to Action.”

The event was well-attended by education leaders, entrepreneurs, school administrators, and many other professionals interested in innovation in education.

Preplingo shared their message that Chinese is for everyone and that through using our tech-based program, any school—no matter the location or resources—can access quality Mandarin Chinese learning through our online classroom.

Our team was able to meet many interesting attendees and even practice their Chinese conversation skills with attendees from China and other countries. A business leader commented, “the Preplingo program can offer so many doors for students. The earlier they can learn Mandarin, the better.”

This marks Preplingo’s second collaboration with EdHubSTL. Preplingo provided programming for some of their summer programs, connecting St. Louis Public School students with a teacher in China and a fun and engaging Chinese language program. Preplingo looks forward to future collaboration and left even more excited to share their programs to help students access the world through the Chinese language in an accessible and equitable way.

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