Thanksgiving vs. Chinese Lidong Festival

Thanksgiving, the holiday in North America celebrating the harvest of the past year, is a time to gather with family and friends to give thanks and blessings. In China, there is also a special festival that people celebrate in November. It is called “立冬 (Lidong)“.

The traditional Chinese calendar, also known as Lunar Calendar, divides a year into 24 solar terms. Lidong, the 19th solar term, usually begins around November 7 and ends around November 22. The first day of Lidong indicates the beginning of winter.

How do Chinese celebrate Lidong? Similar to Thanksgiving, Chinese people would express gratitude for a good year and have a big dinner too! The most popular dish for Lidong is dumplings, “饺子 (jiaozi)“.

Fun Fact: Since the shape of a dumpling looks very much like an ear, it was believed that by eating dumplings during Lidong, one could prevent their ears from frostbite during the cold winter coming. This tradition is still followed today. Well, maybe consider preparing dumplings with your turkey this Thanksgiving? 🙂

We, previously known as NiHao Chinese, also had a fruitful year. Since November, our new brand Preplingo( has officially launched to replace NiHao Chinese! We are still focused on Mandarin. The new name carries our hope to prepare young generations to a future where multi-language is an important and necessary skill set to have. We couldn’t get this far without you, and we are so grateful.

Winter is here. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your family. Thank you for your support in the past year, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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