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Thanksgiving vs. Chinese Lidong Festival

Thanksgiving, the holiday in North America celebrating the harvest of the past year, is a time to gather with family and friends to give thanks and blessings. In China, there is also a special festival that people celebrate in November. It is called “立冬 (Lidong)“. The traditional Chinese calendar, also known as Lunar Calendar, dividesContinue reading “Thanksgiving vs. Chinese Lidong Festival”


5 reasons why learning Mandarin Chinese is important

Statistics from the American Councils for International Education show the number of students learning Mandarin Chinese at primary and middle schools in the U.S. doubled between 2009 and 2015. What makes Mandarin Chinese so popular? Here are our top 5 interesting findings and figures to share with you. 1. Speak to the world One of the sixContinue reading “5 reasons why learning Mandarin Chinese is important”

Preplingo showcased at EdHubSTL

August 22nd, Preplingo (formerly NiHao Chinese) was invited to present at the NXT@STL event sponsored by EdHubSTL at the Cortex Innovation Community. The evening’s theme was “The Urgency of Equitable Education: A Call to Action.” The event was well-attended by education leaders, entrepreneurs, school administrators, and many other professionals interested in innovation in education. PreplingoContinue reading “Preplingo showcased at EdHubSTL”